Thursday, September 6, 2012

Come See Us This Weekend in One of the Best Art Shows in the US, September 8-9

The 10th Alexandria Festival of the Arts on King Street from the waterfront to the Washington Blvd will take place this coming weekend, from 10 to 7 Saturday and 10 to 5 Sunday, September 8 and 9. This will feature artists from around the country in what has been rated in art magazines as one of the very top art shows in the U.S.

I will be displaying my new cave art as part of the show, near Lee Street in the 100 block of King Street, booth number 181.  I  am  happy to have been in all ten Alexandria Art Festivals.  

As one of the show events, the Art Festival committee will have a drawing on Sunday afternoon for one of my small cave paintings.  So, please drop by and sign up for the drawing.

You can also stop by our gallery, where partner Lelia Beall will hold open our B&B 215 King Street Art Gallery during the Art Festival, a block up King Street from my booth.  And my husband Bob will have a table at the building entrance offering gallery works for sale.  

Hoping to see you this weekend,  Martha

B&B 215 King Street Art Gallery in Old Town Alexandria

As we approach the start of our Gallery's second year, we welcome you to enjoy the art displayed on our 2nd floor gallery.  In the past few months, my partner, Lelia Beall, and I have welcomed new artists to the gallery, including Vera Gridasova, born in southern Russia, who does exciting colorful abstract paintings in acrylic with carandash on paper.  And we have enthusiastically welcomed the arrival of many paintings of Old Town doorways and Washington monuments by my former studio mate, Jane Andrle Gillette, who now lives in Port Aransas, TX.   You can see some of these works and others on our gallery website

Friday, October 14, 2011

Update: Beall And Brumbaugh 215 King Street Gallery

Our opening is now set for Friday, October 28. Among the artists my gallery partner--Lelia Beall--and I expect to join us for our opening exhibit are Ron Flemmings, Elizabeth Mechling, Gale McBrien, Patricia Uchello, Cindi Lewis, Phyllis Sidorsky, Janice Connally, Charles Kolb, and Jane Andrle.

Gallery Hours for the opening weekend:
Friday 11am - 7pm
Saturday 11am - 7pm

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Alexandria Art Festival 2011 Saturday

The Art Festival opened yesterday to a most welcome and beautiful weather day. Our art booth number is 181 in the 100 block of King Street. We saw many friends who stopped by and made many new art friends! All this in addition to a very eagerly anticipated opening of our art gallery and studio at 215 King Street, to open in October. More about this very soon. Today is 10-years since 9-11.

Susan Troup stopped by to visit us.

Bob and Wayne Beall enjoying the day at leisure.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Manayunk Art Festival along Schuylkill River

We thoroughly enjoyed our first year at the Manayunk Art Festival upstream from downtown Philadelphia. We come from Old Town Alexandria, but found out that Manayunk was founded around 60 years earlier. Thanks to all who stopped by the booth.

The photos display the panels at the early show set up.

Boardwalk Art Show, Virginia Beach

We dodged afternoon thunderstorms except for final two hours--a most pleasant show with hordes of visitors.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Preparing for Virginia Beach Boardwalk & Manayunk Shows

Come visit me in the Virginia Beach Boardwalk Show, booth 1819 (between 18th & 19th Streets), June 16-19.

Basement studio midst painting for June art shows.
This will be my first show featuring cave paintings since Werner Herzog's film "The Cave of Forgotten Dreams" has been released, which featured the cave at Chauvet in the Ardeche, France.

Stockley Gardens Art Festival, Norfolk

We returned to the Stockley Gardens Spring Show in Norfolk. This a truly fine show in a great neighborhood--Ghent. That plus it is run for charity by Hope House Foundation, making it a unique art show!

At the Stockley Gardens Art Shows, I show my flower paintings, mostly watercolor, plus landscapes, some abstracted in watercolor

Photo of me is courtesy of Stuart Kerner, photographer and fellow exhibitor at Stockley.

Basement Studio, Spring 2011

Getting ready for Cave Art Shows at Virginia Beach Boardwalk Show and Manayunk Art Festival in Philadelphia, early Summer

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Building Sells

Notice has been given to move my studio out by 31 January.

A final walk through of my art gallery.

We are now searching for a new gallery location and will let you know when we are relocated.